Why choose EMDebate?

Committed Instructors

EMDebate's staff are passionate alumni of the Eastern Missouri district and of EMDebate. Every year, past EMD students come to teach to further our goal of developing a more unified EMO district.


Lasting Memories

Small groups and larger lectures are filled with students and teachers across schools, making virtual learning fun and memorable.



By having [alumni from the Eastern Missouri district] run the camp, it's especially catered towards the EastMo circuit's judges. 

This camp was super fun! I feel so much more prepared for competition this year, and it really eased some stress I know I would've experience before my first tournament.

You get to know people from other high schools as well as amazing former debaters. The research is a little rigorous, but you learn a lot about the topic and about Public Forum in general. Just go to this camp, you won’t regret it.

Even as someone who has done debate for a while, this camp was very helpful. I learned a lot through the lectures and exercises. Because my school doesn’t have a debate class or an experienced coach, I wasn’t taught a lot of the fundamentals that I learned at the camp.

The instructors from EMDebate know their stuff, and they genuinely want to help debaters grow and improve.

EMDebate creates a family. You get to hang out with both alumni and students from schools all across Eastern Missouri... there's a lot of one - on - one time, meaning that you get a lot more personalized feedback and practice. 


Tailored Curriculum

While larger camps across the nation focus on a technical, national-circuit style of debate, EMDebate emphasizes a blend of lay and technical skills to help debaters find success in this district.