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July 28 - August 6
9 AM - 3 PM

Online (Zoom)



Frequently Asked Questions

What will I get through this experience?

  • Instruction and supervision by the EMDebate staff

  • Extensive opportunity for practice with feedback along the way

  • Head start on the Septober topic
  • Mock tournament experience 

  • Year long access to camp leaders and resources

Why do I have to pay this year?

  • We want to pay our instructors, all of whom are students like you!

  • We do offer financial aid: If EMDebate is a financial stressor for your family, this will be taken care of.

  • If you don’t feel comfortable reaching out through our contact form directly, you can talk to your school's coaches, our EMDebate instructors, or your parents to reach out on your behalf. Please reach out before paying through our website.

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